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        Mery Shuer is a licensed clinical social worker (LSCW) and has been working in the field of social work since 1980. She received her Bachelor’s of Science in Social welfare in 1977 from Ohio State University and her Masters in Social Work in 1979 from Arizona State University.   During the past 29 years Mery has worked in a variety of settings, which include in-patient hospital to outpatient medical rehabilitation, adult day health, and head injury rehabilitation. She eventually transitioned to her full time private practice in psychotherapy. Her practice is made up of individual, marital and family clientele. Mery mainly works with individuals from 16 years- old to seniors of all ages.

        Her belief is that psychotherapy is an active process and that it takes clients constant determination and a level of self- commitment to make the necessary shifts and changes to improve one’s emotional well-being. Mery uses a cognitive-behavioral approach within her therapy. Some of her areas of specialty include: depression, anxiety, relationship issues, medical illness/disability, head-injury, grief/loss, over-eating issues, occupational stress and life transitions. Over the years she has witnessed life as an ongoing journey full of challenges both emotional and developmental. She has found that Psychotherapy has been instrumental in assisting her clients to reach and maintain a higher level of self-discovery and inner peace.




    "I really appreciate all the life coaching, your caring, sharing and your patience. My life is better because of you".


    "I don’t know how to thank you for making me aware of how to conquer my anxieties. I felt like a prisoner trapped by negative thinking until you taught me coping skills. Thank you for sticking with me".


    "My husband and I just want to offer our gratitude with the guidance we received from you during a very tumultuous time in our lives. You came up with options and strategies which definitely helped pull us together".


    "I truly believe in myself now and have my self-confidence back".


    "I really felt that I was being both heard and supported in our sessions".






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