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I am Beth Mikesell and have been in private practice for 11 years.  Before I began private practice, I ran the Partial Hospitalization Program for the Center for Behavioral Medicine at Mt Diablo Hospital (now known as John Muir/Mt Diablo Hospital).  It was in this program, that I learned how any of us could become so overwhelmed by life’s stressors and have our usual coping skills be rendered ineffective. It was where I taught Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; that is, looking at how our thinking determines our actions and behaviors.  Being able to see where our perception is faulty and/or our thinking is distorted is one of the first steps to taking back control in our lives.  I also believe that each of us is individual and have experiences that make us who we are.  It is how we allow these experiences to shape us that determine if we are able to move forward in our lives or get stuck.  Growing and changing is an important part of living.  Being able to integrate these experiences can decide who we are and if we are living lives that are full allowing us to be free, independent and genuine within ourselves.  Dealing with depression or anxiety is hard, life losing meaning, life transitions, both positive and negative can cause us to lose our way.  I can help you find your way back.  Being able to understand ourselves and how we are changing can be scary, having a safe environment with someone who can support you can make this difficult time easier.



"Thanks for helping our family cope our recent loss.  Your ability to help us express ourselves and support each other during this difficult time was something we will remember for a long time".


"Beth, You came into my life during my divorce and I feel grateful for the support you offered and the helpful insights I had during our time together.   I have recommended you to all my friends that are currently in need of therapy".



"I was depressed and anxious when I met you. Teaching me thought stopping techniques felt like a lifesaver! Now, I know the importance of just stopping to take a breath!"


            "Helping us learn to talk with our teenage daughter was no easy feat.  You hung in there with us through some very tough times, we are grateful!"


          "I didn’t choose to become a single mother, but that is the hand I was dealt.  Thank you for your support and helping me find strength that I didn’t know I had.  I know for now my work is done, but I recognize that on this journey, I might need to check back in with you.  It helps to know that I can call."















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